8 Awesome Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners in Sri Lanka

February 19, 2020

Do you want to promote your brand and increase your sales and lean remarkable digital marketing strategies in Sri Lanka apply to your business?

Nowadays, online marketing, in other words, digital marketing has become so much popular in Sri Lanka. It has been in existence for a few years. Even without having a physical location, the majority of the people succeeded in digital marketing. Due to the peoples’ behavioral patterns, they tend to purchase their necessities online rather than wasting time on the road.

So are you an entrepreneur or having a large scale business? Your ulterior motive is to take your brand to the society and make it popular in Sri Lanka?

Yes, this article serves all your questionnaires. It unleashes the best practices on digital marketing which can be applied to your business accordingly. Nevertheless, there are various types of ways to brand your business. Thus the majority are expensive and make an impact on the financial side of the business.

Once you go through the article, you will realize there is no magic in marketing strategies as exaggerated. It paves the way to learn all the best and suitable marketing strategies for your business free of charge.

01. Google My Business

If your business is a local based and the target market is more locals, the ideal place for branding is the Google My Business (GMB). Ranking GMB listing is one of the greatest achievement in your business. If you are among the top three on the list, without spending a single rupee on advertisements, you will be able to pull in large numbers of qualified leads.

GMB brings all the platforms into one place such as Google Maps, Google insights and many more. If your brand name is unique, your business can be appeared on a large display, when people search for that name. Also, GMB provides credibility and visibility to your business. It is not that hard to obtain the GMB ranking. You have to optimize your business profile and collect reviews and citations.

02. Facebook Business Page 

Facebook is the most popular social media at the moment. If you want to promote your business on a large scale, Facebook Business page is the ideal place for you. The most inexpensive and effective way to market virtually for any audience. More than two million small to large scale businesses have been advertised on Facebook and using as a marketing platform.

 A solid headline, a descriptive copy, an image, and a link will be only required to create a Facebook Business Page. It is convenient and user -friendly. The iconic feature is they allow the user to set the target audience based on gender, geographical location, age, interests, and many other factors on your choice.

03. Create a YouTube Account

YouTube has become the second-largest platform, including 1.5 million users. Every single minute, 500 hours of videos are uploaded from all the four corners of the world. YouTube is the most visited, largest video service. Due to these reasons, most people tend to advertise on YouTube as the platform for business branding. You can upload the video-based content of your business and boost more sales.

Creating a YouTube account is not a difficult task; it directs you via each step. Once you create your own YouTube account for the business, you have to concern about the videos that are uploading. You have to select an eye-catching title that is easy to read as the video title. You have to add a long video description which brings more traffic to the content. YouTube allows 5000 characters to use as the description. The iconic feature is uploading videos with high quality and high-resolution thumbnails. Utilizing YouTube playlist paves the way to increase the views. So you can group certain videos on the account based on types, which facilitates to access the videos on their desire at one place.

Here is a step by step Youtube video How to create a youtube channel Sinhala


04. Pinterest Account Marketing

Currently, Pinterest is the fifth most used social media channel as well as the largest search engine for the visual content. Mainly you can share your visuals regarding the business. People who roam around Pinterest is engaging with it. So it a great advantage to brand your business. You can direct the people to your business website via Pinterest. It serves both small and large scale businesses to brand their business differently. Pinterest users are always keen on searching for interesting products, and they always tend to purchase them via active search or through the news feed.
So these factors add more value to the business due to the high potential of sales.


05. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the cornerstones of digital marketing strategies. The Majority of the people who visit the website will not be purchasing anything. So capturing the contact details and send the latest updates is one way of branding your business.

So this email marketing concept begins with a lead magnet. This is kind of exchanging the email address of your website visitors with an offer such as a free digital download, site membership or a discount coupon. This way is one of the low-cost strategies to market your brand as well there are lots of advantages such as easy setup and run, easy to track, easy to automate, and so many more.


06. Register online Business Register & online advertising website

Sri Lanka, online business platforms are much popular. Due to the busy life routine, Sri Lankans are gradually adapting to the newest social media to save time. Still, there is a specific target crowd who are using the online marketing register. The majority doesn’t have an idea of the concept, and there is only a limited number of people who are using this kind of platforms as a search engine to find out the online services they want.

So some of these platforms are free, and some costs you monthly or annually. Examples for this kind of websites are boomango.com, Yellowpages, rainbow pages, ikman.lk


07. Join a relevant online community and contribute

The Online community consists of the people who share the same kind of interests, knowledge. So this can be based on either social media or on the websites. The most commonly used platform is the Facebook group. You have to create a specific Facebook group or be a member of the most popular group which contains a larger number of members.

So you have to post all your business-related pictures, articles on those groups. So this is the low cost yet most popular strategy to brand your business. So interested people will comment or send direct messages for more inquiries.

08. Create a website or blogs

A well-designed website can be a sound way to brand your business. Creating a website is not a hard task. And it cost-effective as well. You have to just spend a few dollars on purchasing URL. So the website should be user-friendly, logically layered out attractive. You can post all sorts of visuals, videos regarding your products. You can let the customers order online products via the website without any hassle.

Blog Posts are the other way of branding. Usually, nowadays, people are referring to blog posts to obtain an idea before purchasing a product. So on the website itself, you can open up new segments for blogs.
You can allow Google ads based on your target segments.


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Digital Okee Marketing Services

Even though you sell the best products or the services in the world, but it will not only help if the potential customer is unable to find you. So the easiest option is digital marketing where you and the customer can deal directly without any hassle.  

All you have to do is to finalize the best strategy to brand your business. Digital marketing is not an expensive or hard thing. Thus it takes some time to learn and apply due to the current changing technology. So we are there to guide you with all sorts of digital marketing consultancy Sri Lanka. Okee marketing has the country’s best expertise to serve clients with the greatest service, which is beyond the expectation. Nevertheless, we are there to be the helping hand to enhance your business. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate objective.

Digital marketing is not as expensive as you think. You can try your self, but it takes more time to learn everything and get benefit through digital marketing. 

You can simply hire Digital Okee Marketing, and we have an expert team to do your marketing and get more sales to your business.

In addition, you can find guidebooks and guides for business owners in Sri Lanka: 30 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Sri Lanka for 2020


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