Top 16 best digital marketing blogs 2023

March 8, 2020

“Digital Marketing” no secret from child to adult; everybody knows about it. Mainly it means all sorts of marketing efforts that are happening on a digital platform such as social media. With the development of modern technology, Digital Marketing’s evolution has made a major impact on marketing strategies. It has a rapid change day by day. So there is always something to learn about it. If you don’t want to fall behind, as marketers, you have to have a sound knowledge of the new marketing trends. There are thousands of digital marketing blogs available, but fortunately, there are only a few best digital marketing blogs to be referred. But you have to be keen on distinguishing between the useful reads.
So this article revels the 15 best digital marketing blogs which are informative, entertaining, and essential for you to bookmark them. By the time you finished reading, you’ll be well equipped with which blog can be utilized for your marketing campaign.

One of the best things DIGITAL OKEE, digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka, provides you the knowledge for all you need to know about digital marketing.


The Moz Blog

moz digital marketing blogs

Undoubtedly, the best blog to be read if you want to go up the ladder in the industry. It is well-known for its latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) toolkit as well as the inbound marketing initiatives. In Marketing, SEO is a minimal transparent, and educated topic. 

To become a successful digital marketer, you have to know every nook and corner of it in detail, Including the guild lines to the ways how to use. Because of that, Moz is giving a high weightage to simplify SEO for you by their latest techniques. Even though if you a beginner, all of their contents are digestible. Every Friday, they issue a whiteboard Friday video to give you a drop of knowledge from the giant SEO Ocean. Starting from Google announcement to keyword planning guide, Moz is the best blog to widen your SEO knowledge.

Official Blog Site:

Neil Patel Blog

neilpatel digital marketing blogs

My second best digital marketing blog is The owner Mr. Neil Patel is one of the successful marketers in the world who talks about how to make your blog popular. KISSMetrics and CrazyEgg are the proofs of his giant frog leap. His marketing knowledge is incomparable with the expertise in the industry.

You are keen on learning of successful marketing; no other words, Neil’s blog is the perfect place for you. You can start from zero. He paves the way to get a stable foundation done for your marketing strategy. His blog posts feature more attractive, simplified contents, videos as well as the podcast format. Neil Patel is well-known for its tactical resource allocations regarding how to get things done.

Official Blog Site:


backlinko digital marketing blogs

One of the famous site designed by Brian Dean. This mainly focuses on introducing strategies and techniques for marketers to obtain higher rankings. Are you an amateur to the industry? If yes, Backlinko is the ideal site to be referred to. Exclusively, Brian’s blogs are stressed on more SEO related and traffic-related hindrances to maximize the marketers’ knowledge of organic search traffic.

Although he doesn’t hesitate to share new users the same tactics which he has been used to create double traffic within two weeks. The majority of his blog posts are consist of comprehensive guidelines to give a helping hand for the fresh marketers to widen their knowledge they could ever need regarding a particular topic or the tactic.

Official Blog Site:

Ahrefs Blog

ahrefs digital marketing blogs

Ahrefs Blog, founded by Dimitry Gerasimenko, is so much popular for the tips and the guild lines for link building as well the competitive research and backlink analysis. It mainly focuses on giving more marketing practitioners to become better at SEO. The blog posts contain opinions of the industry professionals. So they help the beginners to get a wide knowledge and updated information around the SEO.

Ahrefs Blog posts carry bit heavy data, and it is one of its iconic features. There are only a few blog sites only try to cater to true techniques and strategies to the marketers; meanwhile, the majority is trying to promote the products or services via blog posts.

Official Blog Site:


best digital marketing blogs detailed

The most famous tactic in which the giant brand has been used in the industry Details is sharing with you via his blog posts. Detailed was found by Glen. According to him, he is getting paid to do reverse-engineering the rankings of the top sites and discover the strategies. He is sharing the actual finding which came across from the world’s famous companies like Google.

He doesn’t keep any secrets behind. Once you check his site, you will realize he won’t keep any industry learning secrets. He helps to grow your business with more search engine traffic. For the past thirteen years, he has been sharing more strategies, helped more people, so he knows he gains more inquiries regarding the service. He is succeeding day by day without a single advertisement because of the genuineness.

Official Blog Site:

Search Engine Journal

searchenginejournal marketing blog

Search Engine Journal is well known as the go-to source for SEO news. The founder of this great site is Loren Baker, in 2013. They uniquely approach the particular community that searches for marketing content.

Marketing is a wide area. When it comes to digital marketing, it is highly competitive. Some blogs share the information to mislead you. But this site shares the latest algorithm updates, latest best practices that you should follow to make success your business through the industry’s smartest practitioner. All of the blog posts are coming from online marketing experts, both freelance and in house employees. This is one of the best digital marketing blog sites you should check daily.

Official Blog Site:

Hub Spot Blog

hubspot marketing blog

Hub sports Blog is initially invented inbound marketing in the era of marketing. The mastermind behind this success is Brian Halligan. It acts as the marketing automation tool. Mainly their innovation is a sort of strategy of attracting clients via valuable content. During the recent past, no other company could match the inbound marketing better than Hubspot.

The hardest part is to create valuable blog content on various topics from the marketing perspective. So expertise is doing a great job. As a result of that, clients from four corners of the world are referring to Hub Sport daily as a routine. After all, it contains lots of resources for the amateurs to learn the most cutting edge of the marketing.

Official Blog Site:

Gotchseo Blog

gotchseo marketing blogs

In 2013, Nathan Gotch was the root cause of finding Gotchseo Blog. So he wants to be the helping hand for many businesses to be a success in SEO. It provides everything you need to know when it comes to marketing. From what is SEO to increase more traffic on your site.

The iconic feature is they promote a checklist to follow for the fresh marketers. In the meantime, they have introduces Backlinks that the nitrous of a successful SEO. Gotchseo provides each guild line to follow as well as the best practices. On their blog posts, he has shared the opinions obtained from expertise via a questionnaire. It gives more clarity to the strategies.

Official Blog Site:

Marketing Land

marketingland best marketing blog

Marketing Land is the sister site of Search Engine Land and MarTech today owned by Danny Sullivan. They release blog posts daily, including the latest industry trends, tactics, breaking stories, and various aspects of the digital marketing platform to reach the client’s tale online. In addition to this, it publishes contributed articles by subject experts regarding the digital marketing disciplines, including practical tips and strategies to run a better marketing program at business.

Marketing land provides you the industry best practices to absorb for your business. Apart from all these, they cover the areas of email marketing and social media marketing. The site is famous for launching upcoming digital marketing announcements.

Official Blog Site:

Yoast SEO

yoast seo marketing blogs

Yoast came into the industry in 2008. Still, it is existing by providing the best services to marketers. Yoast releases blog posts regarding websites and E-commerce such as content SEO, technical SEO, analysis, and E-commerce sites. Their ulterior motive is to open up opportunities to the fresh marketers to increase the highest rank in the search engines weekly.

Optimizing the WordPress website for search engines is one of the significant facts towards growing your business. WordPress should use SEO plugins. So the Yoast SEO provides the chance to free download free plugins and additional features to the free beginner’s course. Among others, Yoast SEO is leading the way.

Official Blog Site:

Social Media Examiner

socialmediaexaminer digital marketing blog

Social Media Examiner, the largest social media marketing resource, came into being in 2008 with the guidance of Michael Stelzner. They provide the helping hand for the millions of marketers to discover how to use social media as the platform to connect with the clients, increase more traffic, and generate more revenue.

Their mission is to be the beacon light of the social media forest to guide you properly without letting you work blindly. The blog posts consist of original and comprehensive articles, interviews of the industry experts, research results, and the latest news regarding the rapidly changing social media marketing. They have open up events and training opportunities which anyone can reach the industry’s experts and obtain the necessary information to the success of your

Official Blog Site:


shoutmeloud seo digital marketing blog

World’s populist community with enthusiastic bloggers. It has a minimum of one million page views per month. Because of the simplicity of reaching the content to the readers. has made a positive impact on consumers’ minds. It has helped to become so many fresher marketers to be the online boss of their successful business.

Usually, they are called as shouters. They have some unique features, like publishing 92% of the practical tips for fresh marketers. In the meanwhile, they release blog posts related to basic and advance WordPress, SEO, and social media techniques. Shouters consist of the best digital marketing tactics and strategies for your business. Shouters interpret, blogging is not writing the own story; it is something beyond that. So this is one of the sites you must refer to on your digital marketing journey.

Official Blog Site:

Bloggers Passion

bloggerspassion best digital marketing blog

Are you looking for a sound income by doing blogging and still waiting for it? Your wait is no more there now. The best platform is Bloggers Passion. It directs you to gain good revenue and learn about more tactics on SEO.

Their mission mirrors your needs. Their motivation is to guild you to make real money via blogging. It is not as easy as eating a cake piece. The Majority of the bloggers are unable to earn at least $100 per month. It would help if you had proper guidance throughout the journey. Once you follow them properly, you can add more dollars to your pocket. They post income and traffic reports on their site to use as a referral.

Official Blog Site:

Content Marketing Institute

contentmarketinginstitute blog

Content Marketing Institute or else CMI is there to widen the practice of content marketing. CMI was founded by the leading evangelist for content marketing, the well-known personnel, Joe Pulizzi. CMI is the leading training and education organization, providing guides to all sorts of enterprise brands regarding the client attractions and retain them via compelling and multichannel storytelling.

The site contains lots of successful practice-based articles, how-to guidance notes as well as you can find more insights and expert bits of advice on the site. The unique feature is there is an active community in order to discuss the latest news, information, and industry strategies. The site is open for anyone to share feedback on your learning requirements.

Official Blog Site:

Google Webmaster Central Blog

Every day, Google releases more changes designed to improve search results. The Majority is not noticeable for a longer period. So Google webmaster central blog publishes the latest and official news from Google related to crawling and indexing sites. The Founder behind the site is Gary Illyes. This is the right place to get the latest update in order to get your site indexed on Google. The core updates also affect directly to Google discover

Thus, the blog posts’ contents are more technical when it is compared with the others. If you are into more technical SEO side, so the perfect platform is Google webmaster central blog.

Official Blog Site:


buffer marketing

One of the best digital marketing blogs you will come across on your research. It has become so much popular due to its uniqueness in serving the consumer. The Buffer consists of 82 team members who have spread in 15 countries. Their main purpose is to build up the best products to guild the clients to build up their brand and become successful on social media. They always act uniquely.

Buffer has the best expertise in the industry to serve you. At the moment, they are serving more than 75,000 customers all over the world. Their mission is to develop a strong and trusted client base, to serve with the best product by maintaining transparency.

Official Blog Site:

Digital Okee Marketing Consultancy Sri Lanka

Digital Marketing is still a plant in Sri Lanka, even though it is so much popular in other countries. In recent few years, it has a speedy growth. But it will take some time to have the foundation to establish digital marketing in Sri Lanka. So the proper guidance should be needed throughout the journey to becoming a giant in digital marketing. 

You have to have a sound knowledge of the marketing strategies and best practices to establish a brand. Expertise knowledge is lacking at the moment in the country. Thus there are only a limited number of reliable consultancy sources are available. Yet sometimes they are expensive and entrepreneurs unable to reach.

Official Blog Site:

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