These are the best digital marketing ideas during the corona outbreak for Small businesses

May 25, 2020

Coronavirus spread has made all the traditional marketing method to halt. It has forced the business industries to move towards digital marketing. Some business is already landed in digital marketing. COVID 19 has paved the way for all the company to think about digital marketing.
Many people do not have a clear idea about digital marketing. This article will be helpful to all the people working in all the business sector. Sri Lanka is a developing country. Small businesses in Sri Lanka is grabbing more attention in the digital platform nowadays.

Best digital marketing ideas during coronavirus

During this corona crisis, the whole world is stuck at home. So the internet is in continuous use by everyone. Small start-up businesses can use this opportunity to run their business in a successful way. Many companies updated their websites to grab new customers and increase their sales. Launching new e-commerce channels and conducting social media campaigns is another way in which digital marketing is helping businesses to attract customers. SEO is the other way to reach out to customers for small businesses. Many small companies are now facing difficulty because of the corona crisis. In this way, digital marketing playing a role. Digital marketing in Sri Lanka also helps to develop small scale businesses.

The following steps are the steps to be followed to develop the business

1. Keep connected with your customers on Social media.
Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin are the main source for the business to grow during the crisis. Stay in touch with your customers using these social media during this time. Recently, update your products to the customers on these social media platforms.

2. Make sure your business is available online.
Displaying your product in social media alone is not sufficient. Make your business market available to the customers. So that they can easily purchase using online payment modes.

3. Pay per clicks opportunity (PPC) paid ads are really, cheap.

Pay per clicks is the advertising using search engine clicks to your business website. These ads are serving best to create an easily displayed advertisement in the search engines which help to promote the business.

4. Unique circumstances provide opportunities for a special offer online.
Special offers promote the business compared to all other ways. It attracts more people to view company websites. This is the main promotion strategy for developers in small scale businesses.

5. Update your Google My Business profile for Local customers, and Local SEO is more relevant.
Google My Business profile helps to promote small businesses using google search and maps. It makes your business profile appear easily on google searches.

6. Improve your website SEO.
Search Engine Optimization is the best way to reach customers in an easy manner. This makes your website available to a broad range of people to view the website.

7. Plan webinars.
Webinars are online seminars. During this crisis time, plan for webinars in a regular time period to have contact with customers. Instead of making a website & google profile, the online session will help to solve queries related to your business. This will help small start-ups in an effective way.


During this crisis time, digital marketing helps to promote your small businesses. Small scale businesses will drop to a hard level. But it can be saved by executing digital marketing in Sri Lanka for small businesses.

Now I’ did like to hear from you?

Which digital marketing strategy from to day’s post are you going to try first?.

Or maybe I didn’t mention one of your favorite digital marketing ideas?.

Either way, Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


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