Top 10 IT companies in Sri Lanka

December 18, 2020

If you are looking for an effective reimaging of your enterprise that suits the modern consumer needs empowered with new technology, here is a list of top 10 IT companies in Sri Lanka.

Phenomenal to every growth, a change is needed to be not to left out and be a competitor in the postmodern consumer society. IT industry, being the trendsetter in the digitalized world, is capable of combining innovation, creativity, and new technological advancements to redefine the strategic approaches to production, marketing, customer care, and every other aspect of your economic capital. Being the fourth largest export earner, the Sri Lankan IT sector has made an inimitable and ground-breaking presence in sectors such as communication, banking, and financial services, media, retailing, and many more.

So, if your interest is the management of your digital landscape effectively and making your enterprise more profitable, there is nowhere else you would rather go than these industry professionals. The skilled and dedicated intellectual community in the Sri Lankan IT industry will open the doors to thousands of possibilities in the digital space and make you a competitor in the global market. And with that note, here are the IT companies that top in Sri Lanka.

# Nexdin Technologies ( ERP System & Website Design Sri Lanka)

Nexdin Technologies is one of the best fast-growing Internet marketing companies in Sri Lanka headquartered in Ja-ela, Sri Lanka. They excel in mobile application development, ERP systems development, website design and development, search engine optimization, and local business SEO. With five years of expert experience, Nexdin provides modern and scalable IT solutions to companies who are looking to grow with modern technology and improve their outreach to new consumers.

Contact Nexdin Technologies for ERP system development, Web Design & Development, and Local Business SEO.

Official Website:

Shortcuts to Each Tech Company

Here are quick links to go directly to any of the Sri Lanka tech (IT) companies’ details to facilitate your browsing in this long list of It companies.
software development companies in sri lanka
  1. Virtusa
  2. 99X Technology 
  3. Codegen
  4. Wso2
  5. Xiteb
  6. Johnkeellsit
  7. Epictechnology
  8. Arimac lanka
  9. Syscolabs
  10. Bhasha
Founded in 1996, Virtusa is one of the largest and oldest IT service companies based in Sri Lanka. They specialize in providing industry IT solutions to large enterprises to be updated with changing global business trends, along with new technological advancements. Equipped with the best industry experts, Virtusa provides a versatile range of IT services from Cybersecurity, data and analytics, UX & interface design, intelligent automation, digital process automation, EAP to payment modernization, mobile game testing services and AI managed services, etc. Partnered with well-reputed industry ambassadors like Adobe, AWS, Google, Pega, Salesforce, and many others, Virtusa offers innovative IT solutions to more than 200 companies to optimize their professional potential to compete with the hast-moving digitalized world.

02. 99X

With their 15 years of excellence, 99X is one of the leading IT service companies in Asia that specializes in software product engineering. Among the other services that 99X is popular are the full stack development services, Blockchain, cloud enablement, mobile applications, product conceptualization services, etc. Based in Sri Lanka and Norway, 99X has engaged in more than 150 projects providing them the best software engineering partnership, that includes some of the most leading companies such as SuperOffice, Unimicro, Boligmappa, and many more. They have also been awarded as one of the best IT-related workplaces in Asia and In Sri Lanka several times as well.
CodeGen is an internationally recognized IT organization that specializes in travel software solutions. CodeGen pride themselves in their innovative business transforming ability that they can bring forth with TravelBoxTM software solutions, that enables the customers to experience enhanced and swift services in their traveling journeys. Headquartered in Colombo and armed with innovative IT thinkers, CodeGen is now making amends to pave their path into new avenues, including travel and tourism, automobile, agriculture, transportation, retail, gaming, healthcare, and energy as well.

04. WSO2

Founded in 2005, WSO2 is a leading open source integration retailers in Sri Lanka. The open-source integration services provided by WSO2 are a swift move towards the future trends of the IT industry and it enables a fast and free flow of data across to potential consumers. API manager, Enterprise integrator, identity saver are some of the popular products expertised by WSO2. With 15 years of experience and a worldwide customer base spanning across healthcare, finance, retail, telecoms, etc, WSO2 provides software solutions to some renowned enterprises, including eBay, The Warehouse Group, Karnataka Bank Ltd, Qantas, etc.

05. Xiteb

Placed within the top 10 best web and mobile development companies in Asia, Xiteb is a multi-national company with 15 years of experience. They specialize in website and mobile app development with highly dedicated industry professionals. Web design and development, mobile app development, graphic design and animated videos, software development, SEO/SEM are among the other services that are provided by Xiteb. Updated with the new global trends, policies, and web standards, Xiteb delivers its clients functional and futuristic website/ application experience, while giving them competitive benefits as well. Covering a wide and diverse range of client base, Xiteb works with some of the well-reputed brands in Asia including coca-cola, Hemas, Uniliver, Cinnamon hotels and resorts, Nestle, SLIM, Amanté, Munchee.
John Keels IT is a subsidiary company of its parenting company; John Keels Holdings PLC, which specializes in technology consulting. Headquarterd in Colombo, John Keels IT is one of the oldest IT solution companies in Sri Lanka with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, helping motivated enterprises to equip themselves with technology-based business solutions and strategies to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Among the most prominent services provided by John Keels IT are IT strategy, digital marketing consultancy, and technology, program management, outsourcing, offshoring services, etc. with a client-base of over 500 clients, John Keels takes pride in their innovative trend-setting capabilities.
Epic is one of the leading software companies in Sri Lanka situated in Baththaramulla with a long term experience of nearly two decades in the industry. Pioneering in digital transformation, e-government solutions, workflow management, secure electronic payment automation, information system security, and mobile enterprise automation solutions, Epic technology is known for the innovative, ultramodern IT solutions they provide using cutting-edge technologies. Epic technology is active at an international level, especially in Southeast Asia, across diverse business verticals. Marking territorial excellence in the finance sector, Epic has established a cliental base with almost all the government and private banking companies in Sri Lanka, including the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, NSB, BOC, People’s Bank, HNB, Seylan Bank, Union bank, etc.

08. Arimac

Founded in 2011, Arimac is one of the fast-growing IT companies in Sri Lanka that excel in disruptive technologies. Among the other specialized end-to-end digital solution services that Arimac provides include artificial intelligence and machine learning, immersive technologies, and Game design and development. With a team of more than 70 industry specialists majoring in versatile fields, Arimac provides its clients with innovative and futuristic IT solutions that are engineered with swift creativity. Situated in Colombo, the headquarters of Arimac includes a fully equipped studio, robotics and IoT laboratory, cognitive science research center, and an experience center, where all their innovative creations take shape.
Syscolabs is the technological strategy maker of Sysco cooperation, the world’s largest foodservice company, based in Sri Lanka and the USA. Prioritizing in marketing, selling, and distribution of food products, equipment, and supplies, Sysco has a worldwide cliental base of over 650000 customers. Intending to provide a high-quality food service experience to its customers, from food sourcing to the ordering, delivery, and e-commerce services, Sysolabs works out their innovative technology disruptions with teams of highly skilled individuals from Sri Lanka and the USA. Software engineering, enterprise architecture, quality engineering, project management, UI/UX, data and analytics, cloud services, and application support are some of the services managed by Syscolabs for the Sysco Corporation.

10. Bhasha

Bhasha is one of the locally and globally recognized IT companies located in Kaluthara, which has become the talk of the industry due to its innovative and localized digital services for Sri Lankans. Helakuru, payHere, and Hapan are the popular products launched by Bhasha that were warmly welcomed by the local community. With a team of less than 20 motivated professionals who specialize in a variety of fields, Bhasha is dedicated to empowering the lifestyles of the local community by vesting their technology literacy. Partnered with Google, Sampath Bank, Dialog, and SLT, Bhasha serves a client-base that exceeds five million clients including Google, BOC, Rupavahini, TV Derana, Hiru TV, Ceylonco life, and many more reputed brands.

Other best IT companies

Apart from these top 10 IT service providers in Sri Lanka, here are some other Sri Lankan IT Companies that have made it to the top 100 best IT companies in the world.

01. Insfra

Insfra is a search engines and internet portals company located in Nugegoda, with two other branches in Budualla and Maharagama that facilitate IT, marketing, research, and development. Aimed at motivated entrepreneurs and enterprises who are eager to move forward with the emerging new technology, Insfra helps to augment them with advanced web and mobile development services and digital strategies. Search engine optimization, app store optimization, social media solutions, mobile and web development, user experience enhancement, integration services are some of the popular services provided by Instra. With over ten years of experience, insfra provides high-quality IT-based solutions to its customers to effectively reach their potential consumers and raise their profits.
Builtapps business solutions is a company based in Kandy, Sri Lanka who expertise in digital marketing solutions. With 8 years of industry experience, Builtapps provide high-quality digital marketing related services such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, e-commerce marketing, online reputation management, and search engine marketing, which help enterprises to reach a higher market share. Web development, software development, graphic designing, and branding are some of the other services that clients can attain from Builtapps.

How many IT companies are there in Sri Lanka?

According to ICT Sri Lanka, they are served several Industry verticals with over 300 companies at present.

Final thoughts list of IT companies in Sri Lanka

IT industry in Sri Lanka is a fast-growing sector that has an impending presence in all the other industrial sectors and enterprises. With their creative and innovative capacities, they are blossoming in the world arena, providing their services to some of the world-recognized brands and gaining global recognition.

Thru the increasing tendency to align local businesses with new digital advancements, the Sri Lankan IT industry shows promising signs of its capacity to update local businesses to grow and conquer the world market.

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